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What are the benefits of buying Instagram followers?

Everyone is trying to figure out how to attract a larger audience. In this scenario, buying 20 Instagram followers for an instant increase in online traffic towards your account would be worth it. This is the best way for businesses to expand the number of subscribers with legitimate accounts.

Reasons to buy 20 active Instagram fans 

Buying IG followers is one of the most effective things one can do because of the following reasons: 

  • It is cost-effective –Even with much effort, building an account online can be slow and tiring. 
  • An authentic way to help accounts grow –Profiles with bigger traffic gain more interest. 
  • It can bring bigger chances of being on top without losing anything.
  • A safe service –it protects your credit card information—no password required.
  • Available worldwide –it does not matter if you are in India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, the UK, or the US.

How does buying Instagram friends work? And how are these favorable for you?

You are paying for active subscribers to engage with your posts and account. Do not spend endless amounts of money on advertising. You can purchase a real 20 IG followers and grow your profile. It’s the best way of building your empire fast at an affordable price. Once you buy a packet, the process is quite clear. After the site confirms your payment, it will provide the wanted increase. Bought subscribers are non-drop, so they can not disappear immediately. 

How to actually buy 20 real Instagram followers?

The process of purchasing subscribers is easy. These are the basic steps:

  1. Pick up the package of 20 friends you want to boost your account with.
  2. Provide the site with information about your account.
  3. Provide the site with your credit card information, whether you choose to pay with Visa, Mastercard, or other options available on our site.
  4. Confirm your order at your email address.
  5. Expect your fans list to grow within the first 10 hours when paid.

Engagement numbers will spike, organic numbers will rise, and you will save a lot of money and time. It is the easiest marketing strategy for Instagram.

Why choose to buy new fans? grants high-quality delivery of 20 followers on Instagram, efficient prices, and custom packages. What distinguishes us from our competitors? Packages function with every budget, and we provide our customers with real accounts. If you choose, you will not have to fear that social media will ban your posts. You would be buying the actual presence of your friends, not inactive bots.




I needed only 20 followers for the new page of our small business that we just created on Instagram. Together with the loyal customers, this gave me a good quick start. I'm very satisfied with the service, as it's really cheap, quick delivery and immediate result. Just what I needed!



It's the first time I use a service like this. I'm now fully confident that the followers you order here are not bots. My account acquired 20 new followers, which were real people, the profiles were with the photos, so that was a surprise to me that we can actually buy such type of service! Not to mention that I must have had the increase in rating, as in total, about thirty followers joined my account last week. That's a good start!


What is the price of buying 20 Instagram followers?

The cost of buying 20 fans for IG is $2.15. Affordable, isn’t it? Besides the cheapest price, you would also get organic delivery within 2 days. Active country targeted users too. The site provides security with unfollow protection. Additionally, no one will demand your password.

Is it safe buying 20 Instagram friends? is the finest site to prove that a low price does not mean low quality. It is a safe process because the site does not collect any sensitive information. We do not demand your passwords either. Customers should not worry about getting banned from social media. All your bought friends are active users with gradual additions to your account.

How long does it take to see the results after buying more Instagram friends?

It relies on the number of bought subscribers, but it should not take more than 10 hours. The website wishes to provide you with the service immediately, but sometimes it is a slow process. Safety is important. The site does not want IG to flag you, and that is why it is good, genuine, and reliable.

Can you tell if someone buys 20 Instagram followers cheap?

It depends. If you buy your friends on an unreliable website, then yes. Then, the number of subscribers and number of active accounts on your profile will not correspond. But if you order with, the answer is no. The reason is that all the subscribers are engaged with your profile.

Can IG ban my account if I buy followers?

Instagram often flags accounts that have suspicious numbers of friends with no engagements. Since, in this case, you will not be buying inactive subscribers, then you are more than safe. IG really will not have a reason to ban your account.


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