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Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure




Kick Viewers

  • Only for Live Stream Video
  • Delivery Starts in 1-10 Minutes
  • Watch Time – 60 Mins approx.
  • Real Live Stream Viewers
  • 100% Safe and Secure



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Reviews for Kick Viewers



Like all streaming websites, Kick is way too competitive and I was having a hard time finding my audience. I decided to buy views, and afterward, I noticed a large number of viewers. My channel is now on its way to success.



I had an issue with my order. I reached out to FollowZilla, and in no time, they made it right. I've used many services that disappeared after I had issues with my order. I highly recommend Followzilla for this alone.

What Are Kick Live Stream Views?

To understand what Kick viewers are, we must first look at what Kick is.

Kick is a social network that allows users to livestream. Many sites, from Twitch to YouTube channels, allow for live streaming. A live-streaming site lets people talk to an active audience and read their comments. It’s a growing way that people make money, or spend their time during hobbies.

However, Kick is a relatively new website, and as such, it’s an exciting time for streamers. Kick was founded in 2022, making it new compared to YouTube and Twitch. Despite its recent launch, there are hundreds of thousands of streams a day, making it quite competitive. Already, people have high expectations of a Kick channel.

Kick viewers are how many people are watching the broadcast as it’s live. When you go to any stream, you should see how many viewers it has at the bottom. The more viewers a show has, the more popular the broadcast is considered.

Because of how live streams work, the number of viewers can fluctuate depending on when you stream, for how long, and what the subject of the video is. Let’s discuss why Kick viewers are important.

Why Are Kick Live Viewers Important?

Now that we’ve promptly addressed what Kick viewers are let’s explain why they are so important. They are important for several reasons, including:

Social Proof

When someone is looking for a stream to watch, chances are they want something with an established audience. Even if someone wishes to support small streamers, they may want to follow an account that has somewhat of an audience. Having many viewers shows that you have an engaged audience, making more people want to watch your video. This is especially true if your video is making a promotion or showcasing a new product. Having many people around the world watching can show that your product is in hot demand.

Promote on the Algorithm

Like most websites, Kick has an algorithm. Its streams are promoted on the site based on what a user enjoys. When a stream is getting many views, the algorithm may promote it more. What makes Kick more tantalizing to sites than Twitch is that it is friendlier to new accounts. When you stream, and there are many viewers coming to your video, you are more likely to see your video on the front page of the site.

It’s Good for the Streamer

Getting many views on your videos can make you feel good. When you have a larger platform, people are more likely to ask questions, participate, and improve the overall stream quality. Some people may feel discouraged when they don’t have any comments or views. They may have had high expectations, and when those expectations are not met, they may feel discouraged from streaming.


The more views you have on your videos, the more likely you are to get monetization. Kick has monetization, just like Twitch or YouTube channels. You must have a minimum of 75 Kick followers and 5 streamed hours. Once there, you can charge people for a subscription. Kick subscribers have extra perks. Subscribers have no ads, emotes exclusive for subscribers, and priority access. If your platform is growing, many people may become subscribers to support you and request access to extra features.

Besides making dough this way, you can also obtain super chats. Your viewers can ask questions or show support for money, and you can read their chats on the stream. Some people, by default, stream because they want to have fun and see it as a hobby. However, having an active audience can be a way for people to earn cash on the side. After they have gained a large, active following, a streamer may make an income doing that as a full-time job.

These are just a few benefits of having viewers on your channel. Here are some ways you can get those views.

Stream Regularly and Have a Schedule

If you want to grow followers, you need to create content. Streaming regularly and having a schedule are two ways you can increase followers. You don’t need to stream every hour of every day, but you should stream at least a few times each week and have a consistent schedule. This way, your followers will know when to tune in.

When you make a schedule, be sure to inform your traffic of what time zone it’s in. Remember that you will have active fanatics from around the world. Even if you’re in the USA, there are still many time zones to consider.

If you are going to take a break or change the schedule, give your viewers a head’s up. You can do this by announcing it on stream or creating a sign on social media with your updated times.

Have a Niche

You’ve heard it many times. To grow on any platform, you need a niche. Maybe you’re dedicated to streaming video games from a specific era of gaming. Perhaps you’re an IRL streamer who gets into shenanigans. Whatever it is, having a focus is one way you can grow followers and achieve success on the platform.

Whatever it is, try to be specific but not too narrow. You don’t want to box yourself into a corner, but you also don’t want to stand out in a room filled with other people.

Have Good Equipment

When starting out, you don’t need studio equipment worth thousands. However, you should have a quality mic that’s set properly. You should have a clear camera, a nice overlay, and a good enough PC and internet connection to stream in HD. What you need ultimately depends on many factors, so we recommend you hire a video or audio guru to help grow your platform. You should also ensure that your room has objects in it to make it less echoey. If this isn’t possible, try playing around with your settings.

As your streaming presence grows, feel free to upgrade your equipment. But as we have said, you don’t need to whip out a credit card and spend thousands. This statement further applies if you’re new to streaming. If it doesn’t work out, you’re not in the red.

Interact With the Audience

Your audience is the most vital part of your streaming platform. Like most sites, Kick has a place for an active audience to place comments. A bad content creator will ignore the comments.

If you wish to promote yourself, having conversations with your followers through comments is one way. If you have a structured show, you may take some time to answer the most interesting comments. Or, you may take time to read the comments after the stream. No matter how you handle it, be sure to acknowledge your followers in some way.

Promote on Other Platforms

You should always promote your videos on a social media platform of your choice. You may make announcements on your Twitter, your Facebook, or your Discord server. One way you can promote your streams is to upload the VOD on YouTube or clip it into short videos on your TikTok. This can be a cost-effective way to promote your Kick platform and help to increase new followers.


Another way you can grow is to collaborate with streamers who have similar niches as yours. Reach out to a streamer, preferably someone whose audience is about the same size as yours. Express your intentions to collaborate, and have a set time. Once you’ve done so, you can stream together. Your fans and theirs will want to follow each other’s channels as long as both people put on their A-game.

Change it Up

Your audience will change their tastes, and you should respond accordingly. Don’t be afraid to make videos based on current trends as long as they fit your brand. Check your stats every single month to be sure you’re gaining new followers. If you are not, how can you improve yourself and reach other users?

Have Fun and Be Yourself

Finally, with all of these suggestions, many of us forget the most important rule of all when streaming or making videos on any platform: be yourself! Obviously, you may have a persona as a streamer, but make sure you come across as authentic as possible to your followers. Do this, and you can achieve success on the Kick platform.

With that all said, growing followers on the Kick platform is still challenging. You need to promote yourself hard, which can cost money. Advertising can be expensive, and it can be even more challenging to find users to watch your videos when you have none on your platform. That’s why we recommend you buy Kick viewers to help grow yourself. This promotion service can be better than advertising and bring some quality viewers to your streams. Here’s why you should concentrate on buying viewers.

How Paid Views Can Help You Get Kick Viewers

If you wish to gain more followers, our reliable service can help you. You may be skeptical about using our promotion services to bring views to your platform. Let’s explain how using our promotion services can help you.

It’s Affordable

One roadblock people have when they want to gain followers is that they need to spend money. Most channels do not grow without some sort of investment. One example of someone trying to gain followers is by spending income on ads. However, ads may not bring enough users to your channel or followers. This is because you usually have to spend a lot for your ads to be effective.

Meanwhile, when you buy Kick live views, it’s much less expensive. When you buy Kick views, you can spend less cash on a smaller package, but it still can be effective.


Kick is a platform that is always looking for fake viewers. Kick bot views can end up sabotaging your account and your credibility. However, your reputation and credibility are saved when you boost your channel using our services. We use quality users with profile pictures and an aged presence. This means that Kick will see them as active viewers and not bots.

Boost Yourself in the Algorithm

When you buy viewers, Kick will recommend your videos in the algorithm more. Unlike their competitors, Kick will promote smaller streamers by default and will promote those who have gained some following. Views are a sign of engagement the algorithm uses to help you get new fans.

Get Social Proof

When someone sees that you have fans, they are more likely to join your channel. Many users want to support smaller streamers, but they want to support those who have an established presence. Our promotion services can help you with this by giving you quality.

They’re Quick

When you buy Kick viewers, you may wonder if the users will come quickly. Our promotion services start sending out users as soon as you’re going live. You should expect to see views in a few minutes after streaming. With that said, our promotion services also concentrate on gradual delivery. In other words, your order may take longer to be completed if you order many users. This is to ensure your account’s safety.

These are just some ways our promotion services can help you grow followers and subscribers. With that said, our promotion service isn’t magic. You still need to host quality streams that have some value. Be sure to have streams that cater to a specific niche, broadcast often, and have quality video and audio. This way, your channel grows, and you grow more followers.

When I Buy Viewers on Kick, What Benefits Do I Get?

As established, our promotion services can help attract new users to your channel and help you to increase subscribers and followers for life. But what other benefits do you get when you use our promotion services? Let’s look.


First, we should talk about our guarantees. No matter how many users you have purchased, you probably want some peace of mind with your order. For example, what if you use our service, and no one shows up on your live video? Alternatively, what if you use our service, and the number of people on your live video doesn’t match the package you have purchased?

That’s when you should ask us about our refund guarantee. If you don’t receive the video views you deserve, our service will give you a full refund.

Another scenario is what if you notice that the bought views start to drop on your live video? Our service also offers a refill guarantee. This is when you contact us, and we will send you more views to replace the ones you have lost.

These guarantees are good for 30 days, so contact our customer service team if you have any issues.

Great Customer Service

Speaking of which, we have a fantastic customer service team for all our clients. If you have any questions about our promotion services or our site in general, our team is here to help. Use our contact form to fill out a request. As soon as they can, our customer service team will respond to that request with a helpful answer.

Discreet Services

When you buy views to increase your visibility, you may wonder if we’ll sell your information for advertising purposes or tell the world you used our promotion services. Obviously, you may want to keep our service hush-hush from the world, as it may hurt your pride or reputation to tell people

Our promotion site will never sell your information to anyone. This way, you don’t need to worry anyone knowing that you bought Kick fake viewers.

Other Services Besides Kick Viewers

Buy Kick viewers as a starting point. We have more than just Kick streaming viewers. Besides Kick live viewers, you can buy followers. You can also buy boosts for your other social media platforms. If you want to bring the most traffic to your brand, we recommend using a variety of our services to increase visibility.

It’s Quick to Buy Kick Live Viewers

Some sites can make it a hassle for you to buy Kick live viewers. You have to register for the site, confirm the email to fully register, and go through many forms. However, when you buy Kick live viewers from us, it’s quick.

All we need is your email for confirmation, the UTL to your channel, and your payment method. Once we have all that data, we will send you views to boost your engagement. And that’s it. We will never ask for anything more complicated.

Affordable Prices

Many people want to grow new fans, but they may worry about spending too much money. In this economy, it can be quite expensive. However, we sell you Kick live viewers for competitive prices. You only need to spend a few bucks to grow more traffic to your profile. Of course, we have larger packages if you want to increase the most traffic. However, many people who use our service do not spend that much.

Always Adding New Services

Our website is constantly adding new services as social media choices grow and add new features. For example, our Kick service is relatively new, as the platform came out recently. We try to be ahead of the game, especially in a more competitive landscape. Always check back to see if the service you need is available. If it’s not, send us an email. We will look into adding it.

Get a Leg Up When You Buy Kick Viewers

It can be difficult to stand up if you’re a new person to Kick. Many people will use our service to stand taller than many other newbie streamers. Our service works for any accounts, be them new or established. All you need is an active profile, and our service will work for you.

Who Should Buy Kick Live Viewers?

There are many people who should buy Kick live viewers. Let’s look at some of them.

People Who Want to Establish Themselves as Popular Streamers

There are many streamers who want to increase fans and establish themselves as popular. Maybe you want to turn your hobby, like gaming, into something you can make money from. Perhaps you just want to grow your audience and attract people who are interested in your content. Our service can help you grow more followers and increase your video views.


Many businesses use Kick as a form of promotion, helping people become interested in their products. Streaming can be an excellent way to humanize your business and bring potential new fans to try your products. Using our promotion packages can help more people join your company’s fanbase. If you have a video that is promoting a new product, our promotion packages can help you grow traffic and create FOMO.

Ordinary People

Not everyone wants to use our promotion packages to monetize their profile on Kick. Buy viewers because it’s what you want. Maybe you’re someone who does streaming as a hobby, and you want more Kick live viewers because you want to make friends. Perhaps you want Kick streaming viewers because you want to try our services. No matter the reason, our Kick streaming viewers promotion packages can help you.

It doesn’t matter who you are; you can grow when you pay for views.

How to Purchase Kick Live Stream Views on FollowZilla?

If you want more success on the Kick platform, we can help. If this is your first order, here’s how to create an order.

  • Visit FollowZilla and go to Services > Kick > Viewers. Be sure you are on the right page before you proceed further.
  • You should see many packages, each with a number of views. Click “Buy” on the package that best fits your needs.
  • Enter an email and your channel URL. Be sure that both are correct.
  • Enter your payment method. We have various methods to choose from, such as most major debit/credit cards and crypto.
  • Your views are on their way. The delivery date depends on how many you have purchased. For instance, a large number of views will take longer to deliver.

And that’s it. Contact our customer support team if you have any issues with our service.


Why Choose FollowZilla?

If you want to grow on the Kick platform, why use our service? Here are some reasons to do so.

Things cost a lot of money now, including promotion. That’s why you should use our services. We do not charge that much for our packages.

We send quality users that resemble real accounts. Our users have aged profiles and photos and are less likely to be removed.

We have several guarantees to ensure the quality of your order. First is our refill guarantee. If you see a drop in video views, all you need to do is contact us. We will send you more. We also have a refund guarantee. If you never receive your video users, or they’re different, contact us. We will refund you.

Many Services
Chances are, you have more social media sites to promote. Not only that, but you may want more boosts on your Kick videos. That’s why our promotion services are here to help. We have many of the social media websites you expect, including some more obscure ones.

Satisfied Customers
Finally, many people who used our promotion services to boost their videos are completely satisfied. Read the reviews below to learn more.

Our Advantages

Account Security

We work hard to ensure your account is secure.

Friendly and Human Support

If you have any questions, our customer support team will be there to help.

Fast and Simple Ordering

In just a few clicks, your Kick viewers will be on their way!

Higher Quality Results

We use quality viewers that resemble real people.

Refill Guarantee

If you notice a drop in paid viewers, our 30-day refill guarantee will help you.

Gradual Delivery

We deliver your viewers quickly, but gradually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kick Live Streaming?

Kick is a live-streaming website. Live streaming is when you broadcast yourself to an audience. For example, you can live stream yourself playing video games, having a live Q&A, or taking a walk.

Is Live Streaming Free on Kick?

Yes, it is completely free to make an account and start streaming to the public. However, you may need to pay to advertise your channel and make it grow.

Will My Kick Fame Come From More Viewers?

Views are the epitome of success when it comes to live streaming. However, you also want an engaged audience who will want to donate to you and help you out whenever you need it. When you buy Kick viewers, you can improve your chances of fame, but you still need engagement.

Is it Legit to Buy Kick Viewers?

Buying more viewers for your Kick account is legit. Our efficient service gives you authentic accounts to view your streams, and we distribute them gradually.

What Will Happen to My Order if I Close the Stream Early?

Please wait up to 15 minutes for you to start seeing viewers. If you end the broadcast early, your order may end prematurely. Please contact our customer support team if your broadcast ended prematurely due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Do Authentic Viewers Watch?

The users we send come from aged accounts with profile pictures designed to resemble real people. To everyone viewing, it will look like you have a real audience. However, your audience will not interact.

How Many Viewers Should I Buy?

The number of viewers you should buy depends on your needs. For example, if you’re making a show launching a new product, you may want more viewers. In addition, it can depend on your budget.

I Never Received My Kick Streaming Viewers. What Should I Do?

We are committed to making it right for our clients, and if the viewers were never delivered, contact us. We’ll investigate and give you a complete refund.

Will My Bought Audience Comment in the Chat?

This service is for viewers only. If you want comments, we sell those as well.

Will Kick Block Me for Buying Viewers?

No, they will not. All of our viewers are from authentic accounts and are aged. Your stream’s visibility will not be affected when you use our services.

Do Your Services Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin alongside other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Do You Need My Password to Have the Viewers Delivered?

Our services will never require a password. All you need is an email and a link to your channel. Any service that claims they need a password is likely trying to scam you.

What Info Do You Need?

We only need a link to your channel, an email, and payment for our services. We will never ask for account information such as your password.


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