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Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Facebook Live Viewers

  • Delivery within 5-15 mins after the Payment is Made
  • Live Views for Stream
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required



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Reviews for Facebook Live Stream Viewers



I had an issue with ordering, and I reached out. I've been burned by many of these services before, but FollowZilla reached out and gave me a refund. Because of this gesture, I tried their services again, and I've seen many more Facebook Live views as a result!



I own a small restaurant, and I like to do cooking streams. However, I wasn't getting enough views on my streams to make them feel worth it. I decided to buy Facebook Live views as a final hurrah, and since then, I've had many people watching my streams and more customers!

What is Facebook Live Video?

Facebook Live is Facebook’s answer to Twitch, YouTube, and other sites that support live streams. It was introduced in 2016 and was a feature that was revolutionary for the time. Before, social media only let people make posts and did not create live streams in real-time. When Facebook Live debuted, people could stream themselves talking with their friends and family members in real-time through their mobile devices or even through more complex streaming applications.

Facebook Live is great not only for personal Facebook users but for brand pages as well. With Facebook Live, your company can communicate with its potential customers, participate in giveaways, and have Q&As that can give your audience a peek behind the curtain.

Let’s look deeper at some features of Facebook Live that are quite unique.


If you’ve ever tried streaming, then you may have heard from your fans that they never got notified of the stream, which can be frustrating. However, Facebook Live is quite generous with notifications. If someone follows your Facebook page or account, people will receive a notification automatically.

Easy to Invite Friends

What if you want to hang with a friend, or have a collaboration with another company? You can invite any of your Facebook Live viewers to join the stream. It requires much less setting up and scheduling; you may even invite your fans to talk to you on a whim!


People can react to your posts in real-time using the reacts. The more users you have watching your videos, the more likely it is to see what everyone thinks about your videos.


Like many social media streaming applications, Facebook Live lets you add cool colors and filters to your livestream.

So, now you have an idea of what Facebook Live is. But why is it exactly important for your social media accounts on Facebook? Here are some reasons.

It’s Engaging

Social media engagement is always important when it comes to growing. As a result, you should create content that Facebook users will find to be valuable. However, memes and photos can only go so far. Another way to engage with your audience is to host a livestream. Facebook Live provides engagement that some social media networks lack, with your audience able to ask questions and participate in the livestream. The more interaction your live stream gets, the more the Facebook algorithm is likely to recommend your live stream to people who may enjoy your content.

So yes, like most social media platforms, Facebook relies on engagement to drive traffic to your Facebook page or any other account.

Facebook Live Streams Are Cheap

When you wish to make video content for your band, you may worry about how expensive and time-consuming it can be. So many videos require you to make well-edited content with perfect mics and video quality.

However, with Facebook Live video, the standards are much lower, but in a good way. People like the fact that all you’re doing is streaming through your phone without fancy equipment. As a result, this method is great for small companies that lack the social media marketing budget for sleek videos.

Demonstrate Your Product in Real Time

If you have a new product, a Facebook Live stream can be a great way to introduce it, give demonstrations, and answer any questions. Your live viewers will be interested in everything about the product, and you may use this live stream to give live viewers a head start in purchasing it.

Help to Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Your Facebook page is already a great way to form a relationship with real Facebook users. When someone makes a comment or sends a message, you can react to it or answer the question ASAP. However, a Facebook Live stream can add a new layer to this. People can ask questions in real-time, and you can answer them. This is a way to not only build trust, but to handle scrutiny, as you have to answer questions in real time.

With that, these are just some ways that Facebook sets itself apart from other social media networks. Its Facebook Live stream feature is robust, and your business can improve quite a bit. The best way to grow a Facebook Live audience is to create great content that your target audience will love. But with Facebook pages being so competitive, it can be difficult to get the video views you deserve. So, if you need more live stream views, what is the solution? One method is to buy Facebook Live viewers. Let’s explain how using social media services that let you purchase video views can let your account thrive.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Live Viewers?

One social media marketing technique you can try is to buy video views for your streams. Here’s why this can be a good idea.

It’s An Affordable Social Media Promotion Technique

No matter which of the social media sites you use, paying for ads can be expensive. While the Facebook app does allow for flexible budgets, it often feels like you have to spend a lot to get more followers or many viewers.

Paying for Facebook Live views is a bit different. There are many video views packages that apply to many budgets. However, even the smallest Facebook live views package can give you enough of a boost.

Real Viewers

When you buy Facebook Live views, you may worry that the live views will come from accounts that look fake. This can ruin your reputation and possibly lead to your Facebook profile being deleted. As a result, many are rightfully hesitant.

Rest assured that when you buy Facebook Live views, they come from aged accounts. Each Facebook profile has pictures, content, and unique names. So your purchased viewers look as close to the real thing as possible.

Reach More Viewers

Paying for Facebook Live views gives you the possibility of organic growth. When your video is getting many live video views from people who have been watching for a while, the algorithm will push your video further. As a result, you can obtain fans who are real users.

It’s Quick

Streams usually last only a few hours, if that. Because of that, you may worry about when the service you choose will start delivering your views. However, a reputable service will start delivering within a short period and deliver the live views gradually. This will make it seem like the live stream views are pouring in out of natural curiosity.

Social Proof

When it comes to live streaming, the numbers matter. Many people will not want to watch a stream that has few Facebook Live views. It can feel a bit like a paradox, where people only want to watch if you’re big, but how can you get big if you can’t get more followers?

Paying for Facebook Live views means that you have the chance to improve your social proof and see more engagement on your videos.

Your Order is Protected

When you purchase Facebook Live Views, you may want to have some peace of mind. You may worry about security, your social media package not getting there, not being as described, or the views tapering off. Luckily, many reputable sites have your order protected.

First, these sites use secure payment methods and a promise not to sell your information to someone. Second, they have many guarantees. The first is the money-back guarantee. This will give you a refund if you never received your views or the package is not described. Second is the refill guarantee. If you see a sudden drop in views, the refill guarantee will give you more.

Who Benefits from Purchasing Views?

You may wonder about the type of people who will benefit from a service that lets them purchase views. Simply put, any account that wants organic growth on their profile may wish to buy views. Here are some examples.

A Business

Facebook can be an incredible social media platform for a smaller business. A business can make a page and showcase its brand for the world to see. However, like most social media landscapes, Facebook is highly competitive.

Obviously, a social media business strategy is important for your business to see. You must know your audience, where on Facebook they frequent, what content they like, etc. However, with Facebook being so competitive, you can do everything right and still not see the results that you deserve.

One solution is to pay for views. If you’re making a stream that is promoting your next big product, purchasing views can help you gain organic growth as well. People may see your product as in hot demand and buy it before it sells out.

An Influencer

Like most social media, Facebook is also a place where influencers go. An influencer is a popular person who is a source of authority when it comes to what products they recommend. If you want to work with other brands as an influencer, one way to seal the deal is through social proof. Having streams where you’re getting a high number of viewers can show companies that you’re worth working with.


While not the first platform for streaming games, many people stream video games on Facebook Live. Having many views on their streams gives them an opportunity to share their hobby and possibly make money through donations. Of course, game streaming is competitive, so the best method to break free from this competition may be to pay for views.

Personal Accounts

Finally, not everyone who wants live stream views may not do it for the money. Some people will wish to use the Facebook app for what it was originally intended for to make new friends. Buying views on your streams may help you meet new friends through algorithmic recommendations. Since the algorithm is likely to recommend your streams to people who will be interested in your content, this can work wonders for making friends.

Does Paying for Live Stream Views Work?

You may look at this service and ask, “Does this work?” Many services promise you the ability to gain a larger audience by paying. However, you may be skeptical of these services.

We’ll be upfront: these services are not guaranteed to make you go viral or be famous. They are just here to give you an algorithmic boost.

The Facebook algorithm is one that bases itself on engagements. One of the most important engagements in a stream is viewership. A person has to be entertaining and keep their audience captivated in real time. If they do not, then people will tune out.

So, if a stream has many views that stay on for a long time, the algorithm will recommend your stream to other people.

This is how this service works, as a way to reach more eyes. However, your organic views may tune out if your stream is not entertaining. Here are some ways to make your stream more engaging:

Know Your Audience

Do some research on who your audience is and what they watch. Watch some of the content they enjoy. How can you emulate this content while adding your own twist to it?

Have Good Video and Audio Quality

Many streams are done through a mobile device. As a result, you don’t need an expensive camera or microphone; the camera and mic in your phone are usually good enough. However, you want to ensure it’s the best it can be. Have a newer phone with decent video and audio quality. Wipe off the camera lens so it doesn’t look smudged. Consider purchasing a ring light to add a bit of professionalism in your videos.

Have an Idea of What the Stream Will Be About

Some people can have off-the-dome streams where anything goes. But for most people, you want to have some structure. Obviously, you can take tangents, but your stream should have some kind of theme. It may be a Q&A, discussion on your product, or anything else that interests you. If your streams lack direction, people may tune out.

Acknowledge Your Audience

A major point of streams is that they allow you to communicate with your audience one-on-one. However, if you’re ignoring the comments, people may tune out. If the stream is larger, we don’t expect you to answer every single comment. And if you have a show, then you may not want the acknowledging of comments to distract from the point of the stream. However, you can mitigate this by answering comments that look interesting to you or having time in your streams to review some of the comments.

Stream Regularly at Consistent Times

Finally, if you want to gain an audience, you need to be consistent about your streams. Have a schedule and stream at least once a week. Obviously, your schedule may change, but be sure to give a heads-up if that happens. Also, know when your audience is the most active. Streaming at a time when your audience is asleep may lead to no viewership.

These are just some ways you can grow your stream presence. Once again, these services are designed to give you a boost, not make you famous instantly. You still need to put in the work to make your live streams appealing.

Is it Safe to Buy Views?

Some people may be skeptical about paying for views because they worry that it will sabotage their accounts. For example, you may worry that after you buy views, Facebook will notice that you have and delete your account. You may also worry about your information being stolen or that your audience realizes your views are bought.

Luckily, it’s completely safe to purchase views. Let’s explain why.

It Looks Natural

Our services use authentic accounts and distribute them gradually so it looks like an audience organically joining a stream. Because of this, Facebook will not see these viewers as botting and will not bother you. This also means that your audience won’t suspect that you bought views.

Your Information is Secure

We use a secure payment portal, and we will never ask that you give up your password to use our services. Also, we never sell your information to any third parties.


Your order is also protected by our guarantees. We honor the refill and refund guarantees, where we will give you your money back if your order is not as described or you don’t receive it. Also, we send more people to view your videos if you see a drop.

Many Use These Services

The biggest reason why our services are safe is that many people have used our services, and none of them have had any issues. We’ve had many satisfied clients, including some bigger ones, who have not encountered any problems with our services.

How to Buy Views from FollowZilla?

It’s easy to purchase views from us. Here’s the process:

  • Before purchasing, be sure that your stream is coming from a public page. If your stream is private, our services may not work correctly.
  • On our home page, go to Services > Facebook > Live Views.
  • You’ll see several packages you can choose from. Click “Buy” on the package that you want.
  • Enter your email and stream URL.
  • Pay for your package.
  • Your views are on their way. Once you start streaming, you should see views come pouring in quickly.

Why Choose FollowZilla?

There are many services that let you buy views for your livestreams. Here are some reasons why FollowZilla is the leader in helping you to boost your Facebook Live presence.
  • We use the highest quality profiles with pictures, content, and an aged presence. This way, it looks like real people are watching your streams, and Facebook won't take down your account.
  • Affordable prices are a priority for us. While our views are high-quality, we make sure to sell them for competitive prices that will help you stretch your small business presence without breaking the bank.
  • We have a customer service team ready to answer any questions or concerns. If you have an issue, they will answer ASAP and honor any guarantees that apply to your situation.
  • We use a secure payment portal with a variety of payment methods available. This includes cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Our services are not only for Facebook, but other platforms. You can boost your presence on TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and many other platforms that have streaming as well.

Our Advantages

Account Security

We work hard to give you Facebook Live views without endangering your account.

Friendly and Human Support

Our customer support team will resolve any issues you have when you purchase Facebook Live stream views.

Fast and Simple Ordering

It just takes a few clicks to buy Facebook live views, and after that, you'll see your live views quickly.

Higher Quality Results

The views on your live videos come from accounts that look authentic, helping you to uphold your reputation.

Refill Guarantee

f your live video sees a drop in live stream views, contact us, and we will send more.

Gradual Delivery

We deliver your live stream views gradually so that they look natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Views Should I Choose When Buying Facebook Live Views?

How many you need ultimately depends on your social media marketing goals and your budget. Smaller budgets and companies may want smaller video views, and vice versa.

How Long Will the Views Stay on My Video After Buying Facebook Live Viewers?

Your Facebook Live views will stay on your videos for about 15 minutes.

Will I Get More Sales After I Purchase Viewers for Facebook Live?

It’s possible but not guaranteed. If your product appeals to your audience and you have an engaging stream, the odds of you getting sales increase.

What if I See a Drop in Facebook Live Stream Views?

If you see a quick drop in Facebook Live views, then contact us. We have a refill guarantee. More Facebook Live views will replace the views that you have lost.

Will Facebook Ban Me?

It is unlikely Facebook will ban you after you purchase Facebook Live views. We work to send you Facebook Live views while conforming to the ToS. None of our clients have experienced any issues from using our services.

Will People Know I Bought Video Views?

No, they will not. Our accounts who watch your videos look real, and as a result, you don’t need to worry about anyone getting suspicious. Our social media services also don’t sell any information to any third parties.

What Payments Do You Accept?

We have various payment methods like Visa/MasterCard/Maestro, Apple/Google Pay, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Do You Need My Password When I Buy Facebook Live Stream Viewers?

No, we do not. We only need an email and a link to the stream. Any service that claims they need your password to buy FB Live viewers is likely trying to scam you.

How Long After I Buy Facebook Live Video Views Until I See Delivery?

The delivery starts the instant your payment method is confirmed. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us.

When I Buy Live Viewers on Facebook, What Information Do I Need to Give?

We need the link to your stream, the email for confirmation, and a payment method.

How Do You Increase Facebook Live Views Organically?

Increasing views on Facebook Live organically is challenging but possible. Having a specific niche and making great content that caters to your target audience are some ways to do this.

Can I Buy Viewers on Facebook Live for a Private Account?

Like most social media platforms, a private account means that no one can see your stream unless they’re already friends. Be sure that your page is published or that your post is set to public before you purchase Facebook Live views.


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