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Boost your Threads engagement with comments tailored to your content! At FollowZilla, we specialize in providing Threads custom comments that not only enhance your post's credibility but also stimulate further interaction. Our advantages? Authenticity, relevance, and prompt delivery. With comments from high-quality profiles that look like real users that resonate with your content, you’re guaranteed a genuine boost in visibility and reach. Dive into a sea of genuine engagements and witness the FollowZilla difference.

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Threads Custom Comments

  • Delivery within 1-12 Hours
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • From Quality Users Globally
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Threads Custom Comments

  • Delivery within 1-12 Hours
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • From Quality Users Globally
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Threads Custom Comments

  • Delivery within 1-12 Hours
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • From Quality Users Globally
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Threads Custom Comments

  • Delivery within 1-12 Hours
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • From Quality Users Globally
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required




Threads Custom Comments

  • Delivery within 1-12 Hours
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • From Quality Users Globally
  • Gradual Delivery
  • No password required



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How FollowZilla Works?


Choose Your Package

Choose the package with the number of custom Threads comments you want to buy.


Enter Your Post URL

Enter your Threads post URL and add the text of your comments.


Enter Payment Details

Complete the payment and receive your order.

Reviews for Threads Custom Comments



I wanted to grow my Threads presence for my small business, but it was so difficult to gain any traction. I used FollowZilla is a last resort, and I have been impressed by their services so far. I would highly recommend you try them, as I've seen more followers and meaningful conversations thanks to them.



I've tried to use several services to grow my Threads presence. But many of them do not deliver, and do not honor their guarantees. After buying comments from FollowZilla, I noticed a slight drop in comments. I contacted them, and immediately got more comments. Thanks for actually caring about your customers!

Why Are Real Threads Comments Important for Visibility?

The Threads platform has been around for a bit, serving as a competitor to Twitter. Threads can be great social media for businesses, influencers, or just anyone who wants to speak their minds. If you want to improve your brand image, a Threads profile can help you.

However, like all social media, you need to get as many eyes on your content as possible. One way is to build a vibrant community, and to do that, you need to have many comments on your Threads content.

Getting thoughtful comments is how you can reply to your potential customers, learn more about their pain points, and build a community. But that’s not the only reason why you should get replies on your Threads content. Another reason is because of the algorithm.

Like most social media, Threads has a powerful algorithm that will recommend content based on what a person likes and who they follow. One way that you can get your posts recommended in the algorithm is through more organic comments. The more engagement you have, the more likely that your posts will be recommended to the right people.

Of course, getting more organic comments can be challenging. Here are some ways that you can get more.

Know Your Audience

One of the first moves you should make if you own a business is to know who your audience is. Any Threads campaigns you make should focus on your target audience, their pain points, your target country, and what content your audience will like.

Post Regularly

Post at least a few times a day. If you do not post enough, then you may have trouble reaching out to people. But posting consistently can help to enhance engagement. One way to keep yourself on track is to have a content calendar. Know when you want to post something and what format it should be.

Also, be sure that you post at the time when your audience is the most active. When this is will depend on your audience. Some audiences will be night owls, while others may be early birds. Your analytics may be able to help with knowing what to post and when.


If people are leaving thoughtful comments, then engage with them. Like the replies, or respond to any questions or comments you believe are worth responding to. With organic engagement, you don’t need to respond to every single comment. But you should reply enough to show your audience that you care.

Change Up Your Strategy

Your audience may change as your business evolves. Not only that, but it’s possible for audience tastes to change. To stay in the loop, be sure to look at your analytics and study your audience further.

These methods and more can help you get authentic comments on your posts. But like all social media, Threads is competitive. Quite often, you can try everything, but it will feel like your account hasn’t grown at all. When this happens, what can you do? One solution is to use our social media services to buy real Threads comments.

How Can Buying Comments Help With Your Brand?

If you have a Threads profile for your brand, buying comments can be a great way to grow it. Here are some reasons why our service can help.

Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful tool to help any brand grow. Say that one business has two people following it on its page, and another has thousands. What business will people be more likely to support? The answer is clear.

The comments delivered to your posts can look like social proof. You can customize them to look like real comments from satisfied customers, or genuine questions from prospects.

Boost in the Algorithm

The more replies your post has, the more likely it will appear boosted in the algorithm. People who may have an interest in the products you are selling will see your posts, then want to follow or engage with your account.

Get Collaborations

One way to grow as a business is to collaborate with other companies. One way you can do so is to have an engaged audience you can show other businesses. Having quality comments is one way that you can get collaborations and thrive.

These are some ways that you our services can grow your business. Now, let’s discuss the general benefits of paying for comments.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Comments?

Our services come with many benefits, such as:

Choose the Type of Comments You Receive

Some people will want random comments. Others will want custom comments that look like they’re from real people. No matter which you choose, they can benefit your business quite a bit.


Many small Threads profiles are on a short budget. Therefore, they may not have much money to spend on advertising services. Our comments service is much more affordable, giving you the algorithmic boosts you need without breaking the bank.

Instant Delivery

Many people want to receive their comments ASAP. For example, a business may have a time-sensitive post announcing a new product. Have no fear. When we send comments your way, we do so the instant that you receive payment.

Gradual Delivery

While we send you your comments quickly, we also send them gradually. Gradual delivery is important to make your comments look like they’re from real people, and to avoid Threads flagging your profile for spam.

Authentic Profiles

Some services will send you comments that do not look like they come from real people. Instead, they look like they come from bot accounts. This can lead to your account getting in trouble, and it can hurt your reputation. Our services, meanwhile, use profiles that look like real accounts. This way, you don’t need to worry about your account getting in trouble.


Your account is secure when you use our services. For one thing, we will never ask for your password or any other sensitive information. For another, you do not need to worry about your profile’s security being compromised. We use a sensitive payment portal, and never sell your personal information to anyone.


No matter what package you choose, you probably want some peace of mind. Peace of mind can come in the form of our refill and refund guarantees. Our refill guarantee will give you extra comments should you notice a drop in them. Our refund guarantee will help you if you do not receive your comments, or they’re different than described.

Many Packages to Choose From

You may want a small package to test our services or because you want the comments to look accurate to your business size. Alternatively, you may want to get the largest possible package to let your business thrive. Our service has quite a few packages to choose from, helping most people’s needs.

Choose Other Services

Finally, sites like ours offer more than comments. You can buy likes to give your post an even bigger boost. You can also purchase followers to give your profile more social proof. Our site has many boosts for Threads. They also cover other websites, too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. No matter what social media campaign your business has, you can find your boosts on our site.

What Types of People Are Buying Threads Comments?

Many people buy Threads comments. Some examples include:


Many companies buy Threads comments to help improve their company image. For example, if they want to make it look like their business has many supportive, high-quality comments. Many businesses are paying for comments to hype the launch of a new product, or to give a startup some social backing.


Many influencers are spending money on comments. These are accounts that get paid to promote products or services. When a company sees that an influencer has many replies that look like organic comments, they are more likely to reach out to collaborate.

Other Users

All other types of Threads users can benefit from putting some money down on comments. If you want your social media page to have more interaction, comments can be an excellent tool for this.

Why Buy Customized Threads Comments Instead of Random?

You have two choices when purchasing Threads comments: custom or random. Which is best for you? Let’s break down the differences between each Threads comments type.


Bought Threads comments that are random you will not have any control over their contents. Usually, these will look like positive comments from real users. However, they will not be detailed. If you have a generic status of video, random comments can save you money. However, they may not be what you need if your post requires more genuine and engaging comments.


This Threads comments type involves comments written by you. This is ideal if you want more meaningful interactions in your replies. For example, you have a post that asks a question, and you want the comments to look like they’re coming from real users. Custom replies can be more expensive, but they can make your social media posts feel more authentic.

How to Buy Threads Comments on FollowZilla?

If you want comments on your Threads posts, here’s how you can buy them.

  • Visit FollowZilla and go to Services > Threads > Custom Comments.
  • Click “Buy” on the Threads comments package you want.
  • Enter your email and Threads post URL.
  • Add the text of your comments in the appropriate field, each comment on a new line.
  • Enter your payment method.
  • Your comments are on their way! If you have any issues with your order, our customer support team can help with your issues.

Why Choose FollowZilla When You Buy Real Custom Threads Comments?

If you need to buy Threads comments, we can help. Here's why FollowZilla is one of the best services.

Affordable Our Threads comments service sells packages at affordable prices. When you're on a budget, rely on us for your Threads comments needs. Great Customer Support If you have any issues, our customer support team would be glad to help. They'll help to answer any questions you have, and honor our guarantees. Many Threads Engagement Services to Choose from If you truly want to boost engagement, you should do more than buy Threads comments. We sell likes, followers, and other boosts. This way, you can get the most organic engagement to your profile as possible. High-Quality Comments The comments we send you resemble genuine Threads comments. When you have authentic comments, you are more likely to gain respect from Threads users. Great Reviews But don't take our word for it. We have many reviews from clients who loved our Threads comments service. Read below to see what we mean.

Our Advantages

Account Security

We keep your Threads account protected during all stages of the ordering process.

Friendly and Human Support

If you have any questions about our Thread comments service, or need a guaranteed fulfilled, our support team can help.

Fast and Simple Ordering

Purchasing Threads comments just takes a few clicks.

Higher Quality Results

You'll receive what appears to be real Threads comments, helping you to stay authentic.

Refill Guarantee

If you see a drop in your Threads comments, we will send more.

Gradual Delivery

Our Threads comments service delivers comments gradually so that you receive them naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I Purchase Custom Threads Comments, When Should I Expect Them?

We start sending you your Threads comments shortly after your payment is processed. The delivery time depends on how many Threads comments your purchase. More comments equals a longer delivery time.

Is it Legit to Buy Threads Comments?

Our Threads comments service is completely legit. The comments that appear on your Threads posts look organic, and we work diligently to protect your account. We’ve been in the business for a good while.

What is the Best Site to Buy Threads Custom Comments?

If you want to buy Threads comments, FollowZilla is one of the best sites for you. We sell custom comments that come from real-looking, aged accounts.

Will Buying Threads Comments Lead to Me Going Viral?

Our services are designed to boost engagement and give you social proof. The purchased comments can lead to you going viral, but they’re not magic. The Threads content you post should be relevant to your target audience.

When Buying Threads Comments, How Many Should I Choose?

Our Threads comments service offers many packages. How many Threads comments you should buy depends on your budget and your needs. You can contact us if you need any suggestions.

Is Buying Threads Comments for a Private Account Possible?

Our Threads comments service only works for public profiles. This is because your Threads posts are only accessible to approved followers if you are private. Be sure to make your account public until your order is complete.

What If I Buy Threads Comments and Don't Receive Them?

If you don’t receive your Threads comments, have no fear. We have a 30-day refund guarantee if the comments don’t show up in 10 days. Contact our customer support and they will give you a full refund.

Will Buying Threads Comments Lead to My Account Being Terminated?

Threads will not block you for purchasing comments. The comments you will receive look real, and we send these quality Threads comments gradually. To Thread’s admins, it will look like normal, engaging comments.

What Payments Can I Buy Comments With?

We accept various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Google and Apple Pay, Maestro, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

What Information Do You Need to Buy Real Threads Custom Comments?

We need an email, your Threads post URL and the texts of the comments. We will never ask for vital information such as your password.

Will People Find Out if I Buy Threads Comments?

We will never sell your personal information to anyone, and the replies look like real comments. Because of this, the Threads community will not know you used a Threads comments service.


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