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Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-10 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-10 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-10 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-10 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-12 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 1-12 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 5-20 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required




Facebook Page Likes

  • Delivery within 10-30 Days
  • Page Likes from Quality Profiles
  • Gradual Delivery
  • 100% Safe and Secure
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No password required



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Reviews for Facebook Page Likes



I own a local floral shop and wanted more attention to its page. After trying nearly everything, I decided to buy likes as a last resort. They came quickly, and I quickly saw some growth from people who lived nearby.



After buying some likes, I noticed a slight drop a week in. I contacted FollowZilla about this, and they immediately gave me more likes. I've had some services ignore me when I bring this issue to them, so it was refreshing seeing a company that cares.

How a Facebook Page Can Benefit You

There are over 60 million pages on Facebook. A Facebook page can represent your business or brand for those unfamiliar with the platform. People like the page and receive updates on everything you post.

With nearly 3 billion people on Facebook, you have the chance to promote your business or idea to the world. Here are some ways a Facebook page can benefit you:

Give You a Bit of Anonymity

Facebook is a site where you have to use your real name if you want to make a profile. However, the page doesn’t have to be your actual name. If you want to post content that you don’t feel comfortable posting on your main feed, you should create a Facebook page.

Showcase Your Products or Services

Facebook pages give you many ways to show potential customers what your products can do. One way is through Facebook’s photos, videos, and live streams. When people have a demonstration, they are more likely to purchase what you have to offer.

It can be difficult for a small business to grow. Bigger companies have more advertising dollars and an established presence. But when you have a page, you’ll be able to reach an audience even if you don’t have much money.

A Way for Your Customers to Reach Out

Facebook pages can be a great way for your customers to contact you if they have any questions about how your product works. Alternatively, a page can be a good way for your customers to show support for what you do.

Improving Brand Awareness

When you create interesting, amazing content, people will share your posts or engage in the comments section. These actions can spread your page beyond its initial audience, helping you to gain new fans along the way.

Social Proof

On Facebook, the numbers can make or break your page. When your page has many fans, it shows people that you’re a trusted brand. Building an influential page will, therefore, greatly increase your brand’s social proof.

These are just a few reasons why a Facebook page can benefit you. It’s free to create one and post on it. However, you may not know exactly how a page works. For example, what are likes? Let’s explain.

Explain What Facebook Page Likes Are?

Facebook likes can mean different things. Generally, they refer to the people who react to your posts. However, Facebook page likes refer to people who follow your page. Initially, Facebook page likes were referred to as fans, but Facebook changed that to likes in 2010.

The more people like your Facebook page, the wider the audience you can reach. Plus, the numbers look good for a newcomer. Having many likes shows that people trust your page and what you have to say.

We should mention that while likes and Facebook followers are used interchangeably, they can mean different things. A follower, in the context of Facebook, is someone who chooses to have your content on their feed. Someone can like your page while unfollowing it, which may mean that not all of your likes are necessarily engaged.

Also, page likes are different from post likes. Posts refer to content you make on Facebook. Posts are made on a Facebook page, but the post likes and page likes are separate entities. Yes, it can be a little confusing at first, but once you figure out Facebook’s quirks, it’s much easier to understand.

Owning a page is vital for Facebook marketing reasons. However, it can be difficult to grow your page, as Facebook is a competitive platform. One solution? Paying to increase likes on Facebook business page.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Page Likes?

Let’s look at some reasons why you should buy Facebook likes for your page.


Growing your social media presence can cost money. For example, you may need to run an ads campaign on Facebook. While the budget for your ads campaign can be flexible, you still have to pay a good amount to get the most reach. However, it can be much more affordable to purchase Facebook likes. Sites that let you buy Facebook likes tend to have competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

Hack the Facebook Algorithm

When a Facebook page is getting many likes, the algorithm notices. Your Facebook posts will start to be recommended to more Facebook users. The algorithm is smart, and it knows to recommend your content to people it knows is your target audience. When you buy Facebook likes, you hack the algorithm. With that said, you should also consider buying comments, post likes, etc., if you want the most growth.

Better Social Proof

On Facebook, the numbers matter. If a page has very few likes, people may be less likely to give it a thumbs-up. Meanwhile, a page that has many likes will attract more Facebook users. When you buy Facebook likes, you give a page that may have little social proof a chance to show itself to the world.

Show Your Competition Up

If you have a competitor page, you may struggle to compete when you don’t have that many likes. However, when you buy Facebook fan page likes, you may be able to increase your competitive edge. With that said, the answer isn’t to buy Facebook likes only. You should also study your competition. More on that later.

Choose a Good Facebook Likes Provider

All of these benefits are reapable as long as you choose a good social media marketing team to help you out. A service should sell you high-quality Facebook likes that appear to be from active users. This way, your likes will not drop, and Facebook will not flag your page.

Is it Safe to Buy FB Page Likes?

Understandably, some people may be skeptical about using Facebook services to grow their page. However, you don’t need to worry about anything bad happening, as it’s completely safe to buy likes from a reputable provider.

First, a reputable service will sell you likes from accounts that look like real Facebook users. This makes it less likely that the likes will be removed and your account will be penalized.

Second, a service that lets you buy Facebook page likes usually will come with guarantees. A refund guarantee will be in effect if you never receive your Facebook likes. Meanwhile, if you notice a drop in Facebook likes, a refill guarantee can help.

Finally, a reputable service that lets you buy Facebook page likes will have a secure payment portal and include real user reviews for people who saw more Facebook post activity after buying Facebook likes.

So yes, it’s safe to buy Facebook likes. Many people, including some bigger accounts, do it. With so many satisfied customers, you know you’re in good hands.

Does it Work to Buy Facebook Pages Likes?

Yes, it works. After you buy Facebook page likes, you may see more activity on each Facebook post you make. The low-drop accounts also ensure that your Facebook page will have the same amount of Facebook likes.

Services that let you buy Facebook likes have been around for years, with profiles ready to like everything that you post. Many people have trusted them when trying to reach an audience through organic means isn’t good enough.

With that said, it’s not magic. If you want potential customers and even more engagement, it’s vital to create content that will attract organic likes and followers. You cannot buy Facebook likes and instantly become a celebrity.

Who Benefits When They Get Facebook Page Likes?

Everyone benefits when they buy genuine Facebook page likes. Here are some people who can see benefits.


When you buy Instant Facebook page likes, your business will receive more brand recognition. You can start promoting your company to potential Facebook followers and help to gain more awareness if you’re a local business.


If you want to be an influencer, having many likes on your Facebook pages can help. Besides being an expert in the products you wish to promote, having high numbers can improve your influence. Purchasing page likes can bring more Facebook followers to listen to what you have to say.


Sometimes, your Facebook page may be to showcase your hobby. By having more Facebook likes on it, you can spread your love for your passion to more people. Sometimes, you can even evolve your hobby into something monetizable when you pay for page likes.

In short, if you own a page, you can benefit from purchasing likes.

How to Gain Organic Growth By Getting More Facebook Likes

While you should buy Facebook page likes, you should remember that organic likes are still king. Because of that, you should strive to gain more Facebook likes this way. You’ll have a more engaged audience who will want to listen to what you have to say.

Know Your Target Audience

The first way to gain Facebook page likes is to know who is going to enjoy your products. Everything, from the age demographic to what music you believe your audience listens to, should be accounted for. Also, which other social media platforms do they use?

Optimize Your Page

Besides using a service that can deliver Facebook likes, you should also optimize your page to be search-engine friendly. First, you can change your URL to something catchy. You can the ability to change your URL in the page settings.

Second, you should have a good about section. Not only should you explain what your page is about, but you should also add searchable keywords related to your business and your niche. Do some keyword research ahead of time, and pepper them into the About section naturally.

Finally, think about your profile and cover photo. Your profile photo is usually your logo. It should be high-resolution and memorable. Your cover photo can consist of your product, contact information, or something else relevant to your business. Be sure your cover photo is 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall.

Study Your Competition

We mentioned earlier that one way to beat the competition is to buy likes for Facebook page. However, you should also learn about your competition. Find pages that offer products or services similar to yours. Or, look at some successful pages in general.

What content do these pages post? Do they post in a serious or funny tone? Can you figure out things the competition can do better that you can take advantage of? By looking at the competition’s pros and cons, you’ll be better as a result.

Promote Your Page in Other Places

One place to start is by putting your socials on your website and on other platforms where other social media users may see it. Someone who follows you on Instagram, for example, may want to follow you on Facebook.

On your website, you can install widgets that show each Facebook post you make in real-time. This can give website users a taste of what your page has to offer, letting them decide if they want to follow you.

Know When Your Audience Is Online

Posting when most of your audience is online ensures that they will like and share your Facebook post more often, giving you more Facebook likes. You can learn when your audience is online by visiting your Insights under Posts. The times can differ depending on who your audience is. Once you know, you can schedule your Facebook post for when they are the most active.

Post Content That Your Audience Will Love

Perhaps the most important tip is to create optimized content that will resonate with your audience. If you’re targeting business professionals, you may talk about the latest beneficial tech. You may post relatable memes for a younger audience. A combination of text, photo, and video content can make the Facebook likes come reeling in.

With that said, if you’re business-focused, be sure to post promotional content. Talking about the latest deals you have or products coming in can keep your users engaged.

Interact With Your Audience

Show your audience you care. In the Facebook comments section, like and respond to any comments. Share user-generated content. If a person has a DM, answer it in a reasonable time. You don’t need to like every single comment that comes your way, but show that you are interested.

Consider Starting a Facebook Group

Another way you can get Facebook page likes is to create a group. A group adds a new way your fans can interact with each other, and if there’s plenty of group activity, the algorithm will pick it up. People will find your group, and if they enjoy the content, they will join it. Naturally, this can lead to real Facebook likes on your page.

Of course, a group can be a lot of work. Employing some moderators to enforce the rules is ideal. You may want to keep the posts relevant to your brand, or maybe it’s a free-for-all as long as it doesn’t break the ToS. Either way, moderation is essential.

Have a Content Calendar

Create a calendar that gives you an idea of when to post. You should post at least a few times per week, and a calendar will help to keep you accountable. You may have days where you post content you’ve been working on for a long time and off days where you share other people’s content or repurpose an old post.

Pin a Popular Post

So, you have a post that got more Facebook likes than usual. Pinning it by visiting the post, clicking the three dots, and then selecting Pin can help. When you pin a post, it is the first thing people will see when they visit your page. This brings the potential for more Facebook likes on that post. In turn, you can gain more Facebook page likes.

Collaborate With Other Pages

A page rarely gains more Facebook page likes alone. Often, they reach out to brands that offer similar products or cater to a similar audience. Or, they may reach a deal with a popular influencer. You may agree to share each other’s posts or create some content together. All you need to do is DM a page you are interested in, show your intentions, and schedule a collaboration.

Don’t Give Up!

For most people, page success doesn’t come overnight. There will be times when it feels like your page is stagnant. Understandably, you may want to throw in the towel. But things move fast online. If your page isn’t growing, figure out why. Has your audience changed? Do you need to change up your content strategy? Look at your analytics every month and adjust as needed.

Buying Facebook Likes for a Page on FollowZilla: The Process

If you wish to purchase likes from us, it’s an easy process. Let’s look at how it works.

  • Visit FollowZilla. Click Services > Facebook > Page Likes
  • You’ll see several packages to choose from. Select the package that best fits your needs. Click “Buy.”
  • Enter your page URL and an email.
  • Confirm your payment information.
  • Once your payment is processed, our instant delivery starts. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our support team.

Why Choose FollowZilla?

There are many reasons why you should choose FollowZilla for Facebook page likes. Reasons include:

  • Buy real Facebook likes. Our likes come from authentic, aged accounts that look real. This will prevent you from getting your page removed.
  • Cheap Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes from us is affordable, helping you save money.
  • Instant delivery. As soon as you order Facebook page likes, your order begins delivery.
  • Amazing customer support team. They will answer any question that you have ASAP.
  • Guarantees. When you buy likes on Facebook page, they come with a refill and refund guarantee.
  • Positive reviews. Many people have bought Facebook page likes from us and are satisfied. Check out what they have to say!
You should buy cheap Facebook likes from us for these reasons and more. You can reach virality when you work with FollowZilla!

Our Advantages

Account Security

We keep your account safe when you buy Facebook page likes.

Friendly and Human Support

If you have any questions or issues, our social media marketing team can help you.

Fast and Simple Ordering

In just a few clicks, you can buy cheap Facebook likes.

Higher Quality Results

Each Facebook profile we send to like your page looks authentic.

Refill Guarantee

If you notice a drop in Facebook followers, contact us, and we will give you more.

Gradual Delivery

We send your Facebook likes gradually to avoid your account being removed for spam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You See Facebook Page Likes?

You can see how many Facebook likes a page has received in the About section. If you run a page, you can look at its analytics and see how the likes have changed over time.

Can You Pay for Page Likes on Facebook?

Yes, you can. Also, you can pay for Facebook post likes as well. When you buy Facebook page likes, you have the potential to spread your brand to more people.

How Many Facebook Likes to Buy?

It depends on your budget and your Facebook page goals. For example, if you run a smaller business, you may not need too many Facebook page likes. However, if you want to become an influencer, you may want to buy as many Facebook page likes as possible.

When I Get More Facebook Page Likes, Will They Drop?

It is possible to see a small drop in Facebook likes despite us using low-drop accounts. But in the event that you see a drop, we have a refill guarantee. Talk to us, and we will send more high-quality likes your way.

If I Buy Facebook Likes for Business Page, Will it Lead to More Sales?

It’s possible, as your Facebook posts may be recommended to more people. However, you must create engaging content and have strong calls to action for people to purchase your product.

Can I Buy Facebook Page Likes for Multiple Pages?

You cannot split the Facebook likes into a single package for two pages. However, you can buy two separate packages and see your follower count go up for both pages.

Are These Facebook Post Likes?

No, they are page likes, which are sort of like followers. We do offer Facebook post likes as well, but that is a different service.

Will I Get Banned for Buying Facebook Likes and Followers?

We use accounts that make it look like real Facebook page likes. Also, we deliver Facebook likes gradually. These factors ensure that you will not get banned when you buy Facebook page likes.

Will People Know I Bought Facebook Likes?

Our services are entirely discreet, and the profiles that like your Facebook pages look real. Because of this, no one will know that you bought Facebook likes unless you tell them.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Do I Need to Give My Account Password to Buy Facebook Business Page Likes?

No, you don’t need to give your password. We only need a URL to your page, an email, and your payment information. Any service that claims they need a password to buy Facebook page likes is likely a scam.

How Long After I Buy Facebook Likes Cheap Will I See Delivery?

We use gradual delivery. This means you’ll start to see Facebook likes the second your payment is processed. However, they are delivered gradually to look organic, so the amount of time depends on how many Facebook likes you have purchased.

What Information Do I Need to Give When I Buy Facebook Page Likes?

We only need the page URL, an email, and your payment information.


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