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What are the advantages to buy 50 real Instagram followers?

Finding an easy, reasonable, and safe way to rapidly increase the number of friends on social media can be challenging.  But, here, you will find a simple solution to your problems that checks all the mentioned points. The bigger the audience, the better the traffic – the broader the reach of your content, especially if bought followers are real and active.

Reasons why you should buy 50 followers on Instagram:

  • You can do it from almost all parts of the world – from the US to the UK, including India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria…
  • It could be beneficial for both private and business accounts.
  • It could help you reach your targeted audience.
  • It is the best promotion strategy.
  • You could only benefit without losing anything.

How does buying 50 active followers actually work?

Buying friends from Instagram is a simple process. You determine the number of users you want to purchase, provide the website with relevant information about your profile and credit card, and then let them do their wizardry. In this case, the process should not take more than 48 hours.

Instructions on how to buy 50 IG followers:

All the steps are a piece of cake, but here is a summary of what you would have to do:

  1. Select the 50 online friends you want to add.
  2. Deliver the information about your IG profile. Do not worry. No password is required, just basic info about your username and email.
  3. Proceed with a payment using a Visa credit card, Mastercard, or other options available on our site (In this case, the service would cost you $2.99.)
  4. You will get an instant email to confirm your order.
  5. Number of your fans is expected to grow in the next 48 hours.

Why is legit and the best place to buy 50 new followers?

Because it is genuine and reliable, you can trust us to provide you with active followers engaged in your content. Besides the fact you’d be paying for the best quality, we also have fast delivery and offer custom packages. Also, we provide non-drop subscribers. Not all of our competitors can offer similar services.




I work in a marketing company, so we offer to our clients this type of promotion. Followzilla was the new site to me, and I wanted to test it and compare it with other ones, especially as it's that cheap. I ordered 50 followers for one of our influencers, and the delivery was done smoothly. All was done quickly and in the timeframe indicated on the site. So, I'll continue using this service, good quality for a really low price.



I manage quite a lot of accounts and buy your services from time to time. The last order I placed was for 50 followers. But during all this time, you, guys, don't add any new payment methods. Bitcoin is the new reality, so why not include this option? I wrote the same to your support team.



I'm not very good at marketing so needed some help to choose the package for my individual situation. The support was very helpful, described to me the advantages for each situation and suggested the package of 50 followers. That was quite useful!



I was afraid that 50 followers may be considered as artificial activity and Instagram would ban me. But Followzilla delivered them in some period of time. Together with my new posts and stories the increase of activity was great. I want to try 100 followers next time.


What is the price of 50 real followers?

The price is the cheapest for this specific package, being $2.99. always finds a way to beat competitors in price range and offer the best price on the market. If you want to boost your profile traffic, this package is worth it.

Is it safe to purchase 50 Instagram followers cheap?

If you choose, then the answer is yes. We offer cost-effective packages and are super reliable in terms of data protection. You won’t have to provide us with any passwords, just basic info about your profile. Also, since we have a unique way of adding more IG friends to your list, algorithms can not pick up any suspicious activity. Therefore, Instagram could not flag or ban you. You’re paying for the best service.

Can someone tell If I paid to have more Instagram friends?

It depends on the provider you choose for this. If you end up choosing then no one would really be able to make this remark. Since the site only provides customers with organic users, no suspicious activity can be detected.

What does buying 50 active fans mean?

To put it in simple words, it means you can use an authentic way to gain more audience at a cheap price. Most websites of this kind sell only bots. They can unfollow you at any time and do not engage with your profile at all. Buying active followers here only brings a broader audience to interact with your content.

How long does it take to see results after buying 50 Instagram followers?

Since we do not want to raise any suspicion from Instagram, we add your fans gradually. The process is usually finished within 48 hours for the smallest packages like this one.

Is it really legal to buy 50 followers for Instagram?

It is completely legal. To this day no country in any part of the world has any policy or law against these purchases.


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